SNESstation runs on the PS2 emulator


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I downloaded SNESstation(its an SNES emulator for the PS2), it came as an ISO. I mounted it with alcohol and and reburned it with about 400 SNES roms. THEN I made another ISO. Now since my PS2 isn't chipped/modded I thought Id conduct another experiment. I downloaded PCSX2(PS2 emulator) I used the ISOCDVD plugin driver and ran the ISO, here are the results:

Limitations: I tried this on a friends PIII 550mghz (not on my alienware)
I will test it on my computer when I get home.I will post the results.

Also i used a PAL bios (but i dont think that makes any difference)
1. very low FPS.
2. Runs But I got tired of waiting for the emulators menu to popup.
3. Havent played any games yet.
If you want the emulator PM me.[unless you alredy know where to get it] (no roms will be included)
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