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I just don't screw with vaccum tube anything.. You can leave those things unplugged forever and still get shocked, too risky.. You were nuts.
- I second that. But already know it..

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Zach said:
You were nuts.

If you're referring to my "temporary" fix of my Zenith, couldn't afford much back then pal, working my ends off for a bit of money. It was either "deal with it" or "do with out". Life's too damn short to let stuff like that get to you though, I mean, getting shocked by the TV was least of my problems, but laughing it off isn't any more harm done. If I survived that, guess I still have a bit of purpose to still be in this world...

ulaoulao said:
Not sure what this garbage means, but sounds similar to my issue, though problem: never changed the "refresh rate" nor "resolution" since I set the thing up, so don't know what was changed, though tried other rates and resolutions and still no difference. So far for the last two days - nothing from the monitor, just a blank display...

- merely coincidental. That just means your "res" for example out of scope with the lcd..

Not sure what you mean by that

- I would no t be shocked if someone found a way to rig up a on off button.

Guessing the manual has nothing to do with my issue then...

Anyhow - opened the LCD to peek around a bit. Basically a flat metal casing with wire connectors and chip boards on the back. From the power source connector, it runs into the circuit board and that to the two connectors into the LCD face panel itself. From the VGA connector, it runs up to the controller board and that to again the circuit board. Pretty much everything in there is "disconnectable" but not much difference by running the VGA connector "by-passing the controller board" just to the circuit. Looks like nothing much to play nor experiment with...

Appreciate all the suggestions bud. ;) I'm surprised of the content posted so far, which helps, but looks like it's hopeless...

If I come up with something new, be sure to post...
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Erm, this is gonna sound weird but have you tried moving your mouse?

Mine goes on stand-by after 5 minutes of not being in usage and same at start up as yours, says soemthing about not being connected or something, so i just shake the mouse and the screen pops back on?

Ahhh this thread makes me think of me as a lad >.<

"What happens if i put this disconnected plug end into the socket and turn it on, -does that very thing- now if i connect the other severed end of it and put the wires togeth... "arhhhhh".

Yeah, i get more shocks per day than a cat has kittens >.>


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If you'd have read all the posts you would see this has nothing to do with anything, especially a mouse. This is a problem with the monitors hadware.

Anyway there is no way jiggling your mouse is gonna do jack when you're booting up the PC and not even IN Windows

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This happened to me also except mine would show the desktop for 1 second and then tell me it was going into power saving mode.

After following every troubleshooting step I pryed the face plate off the front of the LCD with a couple of flat heads. Then I removed a few screws and some tape. I used an 1/8 inch driver to remove the final screws and everything was removed.

I unplugged the ribbon cables and other connectors and took some compressed air and blew the dust off everything before reassembling it.

Everything worked fine after that.