should i get....

you should download

  • xbox 360 version

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  • ps3 version

    Votes: 1 100.0%
  • nothing

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hi every one

i want to play sonic unleashed 2 versions

the first one is for ps2 and wii

im playing this version on dolphin emulator at playable speed

and the second version is for xbox 360 and ps3

i want to get this version ( downloading ) and you know it will be at least 6GB
im waiting for emulators for ps3 and xbox 360 ( dont tell me when and that is not possible )
so should i download the ps3 or the xbox 360

many members told me that xbox 360 emulator will be the first one but as we see today xbox emulators are not good but the playstation 2 emulator is working fine
what do you think should i download the ps3 one or the xbox 360 one