Emulator Problem: Shenmue 2 pal disk won't load in Null DC past Sega logo


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Recently I moved to a new state, and during my move I discovered a whole box of DC games I had kept. My DC was not in great shape, so I began to look for an emulator.

I set up NullDC so far its worked with Shenmue, Sonic 1 & 2, power stone 1 & 2, Tokyo Extreme Racer, project justice Japanese version, and maken X Japanese version. Now I am ready to play my Pal version of Shenmue 2, it loads up I see the DC logo screen (and hear the accompanying music) then see the Sega logo screen, next is a black screen.

I've already reloaded my bios, and flash files,theg work with other games. The disks are in great shape.

I'm running this on a Windows 7, i7 core laptop.

Does anyone have any idea why this one games isn't loading?

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Have no idea why it isn't working, have you tried using a PAL bios file? Maybe then it'll work! Also, if you use SegaCueMaker, you can change your ISO to NTSC, so that might work as well.