Sega Saturn Emulator Issues - SSF


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I've had SSF for a while now, and until now I've rarely had issues with the program.

Now I am getting this message when I try to run the program. I also should note that I have the latest beta version of SSF.

IXAudio2::CreateMasteringVoice() error.
Line: 313
Function: XAudio2App::Initialize

For the record, I run Windows 7. My DirectX is up to date, and I've tried to research on the Internet how to fix that error, but I've had no luck. I thought I would ask here.

I really want to get back to playing Winning Post. I have the English version CD, I've had the game since 1996.

Any help would be welcome.


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I have looked into it and I can't find an answer to the problem, but I can suggest Yabause if you want to try a different emulator, it works decently with some minor configurations.