Sega Rally Championship HD textures pack


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Here's my new version of Sega Rally Championship "HD textured". The arcade version running on PC with the Model2 emulator.
Download link :

Most of the textures have been modified by me in order to continue to play this retro game on HD screens.
I tried to respect the original style so as not to distort the game too much. I therefore allowed myself a few deviations which I hope will entertain you.
A geek's job, dozens of hours, to ultimately produce a result that satisfies me and of which I am proud, even if it can still be improved of course.
Now I would like share this work, in case there are still some fans of the game able to appreciate ...

- Warning: the game takes a long time to load the new textures at startup: 10 to 25 seconds for a decent PC, and I imagine that it can go beyond a minute for old PCs. Also don't worry if it takes time to switch from fullscreen to windowed mode and vice versa.
- This version is optimized for a resolution of 1440x900: if your native resolution is different, I advise you to change it (in emulator.ini for example).