ROM types - what's what?


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Could someone please tell me (or point me in the right direction) what's the difference between ROMs. I'm building my Sega collection (to use with Everdrive cart) and some games have like 8-10 different ROM types.

For example:
"Bubba N Strix" will have next to the ROM name one of the following - [c][!], [h1], [h2], [h3], [t1], [t2], [t3], [!].

Is there a way to find a list or something that would describe what's what? I don't even know how to search for this information as I don't know what they are...
I know that some of them will differ in size, but when it comes to gameplay, I have problems spotting any difference. :confused:
If that has been posted before, could someone please provide a link? Thanks!


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Okay i know this is real stupid for changing the subject, but can someone please help me with the plugins after downloading Project 64? If anyone replies then OM me for instructions.