Retroarch retropad issue

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Retroarch Android: 'retropad' touch issue

I'm using Retroarch with PUAE Amiga core and 'retropad' overlay.
Sometimes If I touch 'up' on the directional pad it triggers a 'fire' button tap at the same time.
This happens in a trainer menu of the game 'Gods' and in the main menu of 'Alien Breed'. I select an option and don't press 'fire', but a 'fire' press IS triggered then, too, so that the game selects that option.

What may be the reason for this? Is there a way to solve this problem?
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Crazy C

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Re: Retroarch Android: 'retropad' touch issue

So I found out the two games Just Check Joystick AND Mouse Input in These Menus. But the Problem ist still that the Mouse taps and swipes are possible on the whole screen, so Pressing the Joystick directional pad triggers left Mouse Button presses at the same time and I didn't find a way to deactivate this 'whole Screen Mouse input'. It would bei Nice to be able to Control the Mouse with overlay Buttons defined for IT only.