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Emulator Release: RetroArch- 1.9.0


Long time in web but i recently not write about it.


3DS: Fix sound crackling when paused
ANDROID/VIBRATION: Fixes “Vibrate on Key Press” having no effect on Android devices, which occurred because only the off time/strength was defined in what should have been a pair of off/on values
AUTOCONFIG: Ensure correct directory is used when saving autoconfig profiles
BLUETOOTH: Add a Bluetooth driver (Lakka-only for now)
CHEATS: Fix for wrong number of remaining cheat search matches on some machines
CHEEVOS: Option to play sound on achievement unlock.
CHEEVOS: Upgrade to rcheevos 9.1
CHEEVOS: Restore display of unlocked achievements across hardcore modes
CHEEVOS: Hash buffered data when available
CHEEVOS: Fix ‘Auto Save State freezes RetroArch while Cheevos is enabled’
CORE OPTIONS: Pressing OK (or clicking/tapping) on a ‘boolean toggle’ core option no longer opens a drop-down list. The value now toggles directly, just like boolean options everywhere else in the menu
CORE OPTIONS: Toggling an option that changes the number of core options being displayed (i.e. things like `Show Advanced Audio/Video Settings) no longer resets the navigation pointer to the start of the list
CORE OPTIONS: Before, RetroArch would identify core option values as being ‘boolean’ if they had labels matching the specific strings enabled or disabled. Most core devs would abide by this, but not always… As a result, we sometimes would end up with misidentified values, with all kinds of Enabled, Off, True, etc. strings littering the menu, in place of proper toggle switches. All boolean-type value labels are now detected, and replaced with standard ON/OFF strings.
CLI: A new command line option –load-menu-on-error has been added
CRT: On the fly CRT porch adjuments – these changes allow a user to adjust how the porch algorithm generates the 15khz/31khz output. Giving the ability to change over/under scan.
CONFIG FILE: Optimise parsing of configuration files
D3D9/D3D11: Fix core-initiated D3D9/D3D11 driver switches
DRIVERS: Implemented protection to avoid setting critical drivers to nothing thus preventing the user from locking him/herself out of the program
EMSCRIPTEN: Fix input code to ignore unknown keys
FFMPEG CORE: Prevent seeking past the end of files (hang fix)
FILE I/O: VFS and NBIO interfaces will now use 64-bit fseek/ftell where possible, should allow for reading/writing to files bigger than 2GB
INPUT MAPPING/REMAPPING: Add input remap drop-down lists
IOS: Fixed iOS 6 version
IOS: Hide the home indicator as it obscures the content too frequently
IOS/METAL: Metal video driver now works on RetroArch iOS
IOS/METAL: Support getting video metrics to support proper touchscreen interactions
LOCALIZATION: Updates for several languages (synchronized from Crowdin)
MEMORY/LINUX/ANDROID: Fix reporting of free memory
MEMORY/WINDOWS: Fix reporting of free memory
MENU: Enlarged INT/UINT selection limit from 999 to 9999
MENU: Fix cursor forced to first entry after displaying lists
MENU: Make Notification Font option visible when Graphics Widgets are enabled
MENU/RGUI: Add optional ‘toggle switch’ icons
MENU/WIDGETS: Add optional widget-based ‘load content’ launch feedback animation
MENU/WIDGETS: Make notification font size option visible when graphics widgets are enabled
ODROID GO ADVANCE: Video driver – fix race condition with RGUI callback
PLAYLISTS: Change playlists to use dynamic arrays. Instead of a fixed initial 12MB memory allocation (99999 * 128 byte (on 64bit arch)), use a dynamically growing array
PLAYLISTS: Playlist base content directory paths – portable playlists
PLAYLISTS/SEARCH: Enhanced playlist search functionality
PLAYLISTS/DATABASE: Add ‘Explore’ view
PLAYLISTS/DATABASE/EXPLORE: Show system icons in explore view
PS2: Improve FPS Limiter
RUNAHEAD: Prevent runahead from being disabled permanently when an error occurs
SCANNER: Add more region codes for GameCube/Wii game detection
SHADERS/SLANG: Increased Slang max Parameters, Textures & Passes
VIDEO FILTERS/BLARGG: Make Blargg_snes filter customizable
WINDOWS/RAWINPUT: Fix invalid calls to dinput_handle_message when input driver is not set to dinput
X11: Add lightgun support