Game Problem: Resident Evil 3 issue regarding .sbi


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I own the original game, dumped it and made an ISO cause the optical reader of my pc broke, turns out I can't play it on ePSXe because apparently the SLES_02532 version, the one I got, needs some weird stuff done to it, something regarding an .sbi file, I looked around and everybody says the file needs to be in the same folder as the IsO and be named the same.....yep...done it and nothing happens....I'm at my wits end here. Can somebody lend me a hand?
PS: My optical reader doesn't work...btw
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I recently played through both RE2 and 3. The settings I used on 2 took a while to figure out and resulted in a downgrade of the graphics in order to make it playable. Still looked better than playing on a PS1.

These settings worked fine on RE3.

I didn't make a note of the settings and plugins I used sorry. But don't give up! Keep checking different plugins and be prepared to downgrade the output of the game to make it playable.