Recommendations for a front end please.


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New here but been running/writing emulators for over 30 years (I think the first emulator I ran was a ZX81 emulator on my Atari ST).

I'm looking for recommendations on a front end.

I have a PC connected to a 72" TV and 5.1 surround system. It's sole purpose is to watch films and run emulators. It doesn't have a keyboard or mouse connected but does have a couple of remote controls, an air mouse, 4 Xbox 360 controllers and a couple of WIImotes attached. Spec wise, it's has an AMD Ryzen 7 1700X, Nvidia 2060 gfx, 32Gb RAM and 20Tb of disk space. Its running Ubuntu and emulates pretty much everything from the 1970s up to the Wii U.

Im looking for a front end that will work on a HTPC without a keyboard/mouse and has some kind of nested tree of systems that can be selected. Most front ends I've tried end up giving me a huge long list of systems whereas I'd much prefer to be able to select, say, Consoles->Atari->Jaguar->AvP, or Home computers->Commodore->Amiga->Blood Money instead.

Has anyone have a suggestion, or am I going to have to get the coding tools out?