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I recently downloaded a couple Emulators and ROMs. After reviewing some legal information, I've come to the conclusion that doing so (At least in the case of the ROMs) was illegal. I've now deleted both of the ROMs and their corresponding emulators.

My question. I know that what I did was probably not legal. All I did was download; I didn't share the files at all (If that makes any difference.). Is it likely that I could be prosecuted for this?


Abusus non tollit usum
Not unless you were downloading commercially available games (like PS3, DS, 360 etc) or you were actively reproducing and selling them.

Downloading and using roms for old games without the copyright holders permission is no more 'legal' than it is to download the latest Xbox 360 game (which is why this site forbids discussion or sharing information regarding rom sites), however with old games that are no longer commercially available for obsolete gaming systems that aren't making anyone any money then if you are purely using them yourself with emulators then its highly unlikely any company or copyright owner would bother with the expense of prosecuting someone.

Speaking as a gamer (and I play a lot of old games via emulation with a clear conscience) Downloading and playing new games that are still making money commercially is reprehensible, I believe we should support the industry that provides us with the games we enjoy.