Emulator Problem: pSX v1.13 - sound configuration


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Hi, I've been looking everywhere for specific configuartion set ups for pSX v1.13. I read the other topic on here regarding this versions config settings, but that had to do with BIOS and I am having trouble with the sound config/ and graphic config.

Specifically, I'm playing Legend of Legaia and the sound during battle is laggity. I've tried playing with the settings myself but nothing seems to correct the issue.

Sorry if this post is already covered elswhere, I couldn't find it. Any help would be appreciated.


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Problem fixed, apparently running this emulator is full screen mode increases its performance by a lot. Unlike epsxe which has a mental breakdown when I run games in full screen.

So, is this forum like ugh.. dead? lol.


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No, but traffic has been slow in that last few years. I would not call that a fix, but at least it is a work around. I don't have sound issues in either emulator. Though most sound issue are related to cpu speeds. So doing something that makes your system run better naturally helps the sound catch up.


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I had the same problem on my girlfriends pc today, turn Vsync off. For both window mode and fullscreen. Fixed weird audio issues she had.


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Both the audio and video were fixed with Vsync off?

You guys are better off with the latest ePSXe (Better) and no$psx (to watch for) released. They are still very actively now. The pSX's link is not working anymore and it was last updated on 2008 released.