PSP revealed in E3 2004!!!


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Specifications of console PSP
  • Dimensions: Approx 170 mm (long) x 74 mm (wide) x 23 mm
  • Weight: Approx 260 g (battery including)
  • CPU: PSP CPU (Frequency of clock 1~333MHz)
  • Main memory: 32MB Embedded DRAM: 4MB
  • Screen: 4,3 inches, 16:9 TFT LCD 480 272 xs pixel (16,77 million colors) Max. 200 cd/m2 (with brightness control)
  • Loudspeakers: Stere integrated
  • Main I/O: IEEE 802.11b (Wi-Fi)
  • USB 2.0
  • Memory Stick PRO Duo
  • IrDA TO GO Remote (SIRCS)
  • Disk drive: Unit UMD
  • UMD Audio
  • UMD Video
  • Main connectors: DC IN 5V
  • Terminals to change the integrated battery Connector of helmets and microphone
  • Controls: Directional Analogical Pad (of PlayStation type) left and right START, SELECT, HOME Control of brightness, way of sound, volume +/- Switch On/Off
  • WirelessLAN
  • Battery: Of lithium-ion,
  • adapter AC
  • Control of access: Regional code, parental control
  • Specifications of discs UMD: Dimensions: Approx 65 mm (wide) x 64 mm () x 4,2 mm (long)
  • Weight: Approx 10g Diametro of the disc: 60 mm Maxima capacity: 1.8GB (a side, double layer)
  • Wavelength of the laser: 660nm (Laser red)
  • Encryptcion: AES 128bit
  • Audio UMD (codec ATRAC3plus, PCM, (MPEG4 AVC))
  • UMD Video (codec MPEG4 AVC, ATRAC3plus, Caption png)
PSP will be promoted by Sony like the platform of the future for games, audio video and, promoting the distribution of music, films and videojuegos in format UMD.
In addition, and thanks to their possibilities of connection to Internet, the users will be able to unload software to a memory card Memory Stick.





First games
  • Capcom - Vampire Chronicles, Viewtiful Joe Series, Devil May Cry Series
  • Genki - Shutokou Battle (Tokyo Xtreme Racing)
  • Koei - Shin Sangoku Musou, strategy game, table game
  • Konami - Ys The Ark of Napishtim, Metal Gear: Acid, Winning Eleven, baseball game
  • Cyberfront - puzzle action game
  • Success - Cloud of Verruca, Sparrow Merit, Zooo
  • Square Enix - undecided
  • Sega - Puyo Puyo Fever, Project S
  • Sony - Gran Turismo 4 Mobile, Sarugetchu (Ape Escape), Heaven Key Earth Gate (Action RPG), Dokodemo Issyo, Everybody's Golf
  • Taito - Puzzle Bobble
  • Now Production - Intelligent License, Ghost Village
  • Namco - Tales of Eternia, New Ridge Racer, New Puzzle Game
  • Nippon Ichi - Makai Wars (S.RPG)
  • Hudson - Tengai Makyou, Bomberman series, The Tower of Purgatory (SF action RPG)
  • Bandai - Gagahb (RPG), Mobile Suit Gundam
  • Banpresto - Super Robot Taisen
  • From Software - Armored Core Formula Front
  • Yukes - Professional Wrestling
  • Work Jam - Detective Shinto Shrine


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Sony won't risk the new PSP by going with that high a price. If nintendo keeps the GBA and the other one about 100-150$, then Sony will most probably be going for the same price tag.