Problems with Team Buddies


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Hey guys. Heres my story: I wanted to play the PS1 game Team Buddies on my PC. So I downloaded EPSXE1.7.0. and I also downloaded team buddies. It came as an .mdf file, and I used MagicIso to convert it to an ISO file. Now when I take EPSXE and Run ISO and select the Team Buddies ISO I made, the screen goes black like somethings going to start, but I then go back to windows with the message "EPSXE has stopped working"

What am I doing wrong guys?

edit: I just put in a ps1 game in my PC and the same thing happened. What's this?
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In order to run .MDF format games you need to download Deamon tools and mount the image with the appropiate virtual disc section of the software.