Emulator Problem: Problem to emulate the Sonic CD in cell phone Nokia E63 PicoDrive

Hello everyone Forum. I'm having a little
trouble to emulate the game "Sonic CD" on the
emulator PicoDrive v 1.51 of the Nokia E63
with gurucharan Symbian S60. The problem is
this: the game opens normal on my phone but
the splash screen of the game gets no sound and the phases of the game are also no sound
only has sound effects of Sonic but the
soundtrack of the phases do not touch! What
can be so personal? I have all the songs on the
game in the same folder where is the ISO of the
game. NOTE: I have all the SEGA CD BIOS on the emulator


Rookie Developer >_> <_<
sory for late answer but i was hope somebody help you
may i ask what symbian version because there are two v3 and v5
i read info your is v3 you can run also gpfce v3 s60.sis nes emulator for symbian
your problem maybe is : bad rom,old emulator or emulator on other symbian or just bad bios
eventually change emulator you have old version latest is 1.35
poor generation cant use web :dry:
www.emuparadise.me/emulators/files/...or_Sega)v1.35_S60V3_Signed_by hogn92-1102.rar here you go
and here if link be dont work or removed
Thanks man for your help! This Nokia E63 I
won from my stepfather because my other
phone broke and in 2016 and full I using a
keyboard phone! This small mobile comes with
s. Symbian 9.2 60 3.1 Edition and found out
that Symbian has an emulator of Sega Mega Drive and SEGA CD called "PicoDrive" which was
also released for the PSPs and PCs. I use the
version v 1.51 this emulator which is the most
updated version. But beyond the issue of my
Sonic CD not play the sounds I face another
annoying thing in this emulator that for my bad luck there was no one with this problem. The
problem is that every time I open the PicoDrive
and I open the list of ROMs just the app gets a
white and blue screen all distorted that is
flashing every 6 seconds. But this screen fills a
lot of my patience because when I go to play the screen goes with this bug. Unfortunately I
can't post pictures here on the Forum because
the browser on my phone is very limited but
you know what I'm going through in my bug
PicoDrive see this video: https:// m.youtube.com/watch?v=Szs_u42XUeo the guy that you're recording the video has the
same phone and this with the same problem as
me. You know how I can fix this?