possible xbox 360 emulator


Yep, pretty much. Consider there's no usable xbox 1 emulator, and you can see how fake a 360 emulator would be.


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I heard that wii was easy to emulate , i still have no idea why xbox 1 can't be emulated after 10+ years, hope it gets done after xbox one is released


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I heard that wii was easy to emulat
Good lord... Does anyone try to research before they type anymore. Rumors are the reason emulation is so polluted anymore. GC emulation was very hard, it took many years before we saw it happen. Then dolphin when open source and it just got better and better. When the wii came out the only real changes was the hardware. Nintendo didnt change much in the way of chips or computing technology. So wii games are really GC games that use the new wand. There changes were so minor that the dolpinh team just allow the games to run , made a few changes and poof, it worked.

And please stop saying xbox 1. It is not your fault m$ choose such a lame name, but the xbox one is the newest console, the oldest is called the xbox. The xbox is plagued with challenges. Now that the xbox one is going back to x86 its very possible we may start seeing an emulator. The xbox, and the xbox one both use x86 code where as the xbox 360 does not. Being the xbox one is the new hype we may see a xbox /xbox one emulator some day.
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