Please do not use or trust builds from

Squall Leonhart

New member
This site is not run by anyone from the VBA-M team, or any of the other VBA forks.

It rehosts already compiled builds from our legitimate repo onto a github account that has effectively put our continued work at risk by also hosting GBA roms.

While in theory we could say that any build signed by Rafiel is safe to use, sha1 is no longer counted as being untamperable so we can only provide that guarantee so long as the build is obtained from the visualboyadvance-m github and website.


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It's important to be cautious when obtaining software from unofficial sources, as they may pose risks such as tampered builds or unauthorized distribution of ROMs. To ensure the safety and legitimacy of VBA-M builds, it is recommended to download them directly from the official visualboyadvance-m GitHub repository or website. These official sources maintain control over the codebase and can provide the necessary guarantees regarding the authenticity and integrity of the software. Using builds from other sources, even if they are signed by someone associated with the project, may expose users to potential security risks.