Pioneer VSX-101TXV-K question


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My Dad just bought this reciever today. It was manufactured in 2006 and is an awesome Digital Reciever. I am just so amazed at how much it sounds over a Analog reciever. Don't worry i don't hate Vinyl that is one analog medium i do enjoy. VHS also has smoother sound that a DVD. VHS i do not like due to the fact that they wear out fast and didn't offer 1080i HD Widescreen.

Back to what i came here to ask. The reciever is a pain the ass to set up. We got it to run through the CD player so far. We fiddled with my Gemeni TT 02 DD turntable. The manual says it is compatable with a Turntable or Record player. When playing a record with this particular reciever it seemed to bring out the pops more and just didn't have that smooth analog sound it should. Anything that i can do to fix this? And don't tell me to mess with the sound settings cause i have tried that. Since this was a 400 dollar investment me nor my dad will be willing to part with it at all. Advice on this subject will be much appreciated.

EDIT: Bought a preamp and that brought back all the warm sound that vinyl should sound like.
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