Palm OS emulator Language Problem


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dont mind the spoiler I already solved my problem
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ok im having a little trouble with my Palm OS m505 emulator
I dont understand the language[I only speak Spanish and English], so if any one here can help me out {who speaks this language}and tell me where to go to change the language setting I would be very greatful....


If your wondering im just trying to test out the emulators from This Page before
I upload them to my m505

Pm me if you need to see more screenshots or need more information


btw my m505 is being repaired so i cant look back at it to see where to change the language

Well i feel like a dumbass.

It seems that the emulator that I Downloaded came with the rom already written into the emulator, i didnt know this [ i have my own m505 rom image that i got from my own palmpilot ] well any ways I put the rom image in the same folder as that emulator and thought that was all I had to do. But it turns out that I had get stand-alone emulator, I guess the language was already written into that emulator as well.

I got the stand-alone palm OS emulator from
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well as you can see Phoinix works on the palm OS emulator
[ I just hope it works on the actual thing ]
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