Our top old console games


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Some time go i wrote about best logical games for nes.

This thread is different because we write of games which are best to play even after those years.

Console dont matter it can be any also handheld.

Lets find once again memories of our childhood.

Because i never owned other console than nes clone called pegasus.

Im remember few games but for me i liked Mario so much and Adventure Island.

At that time contra and super contra was so cool.


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That's awesome! NES definitely had some timeless classics. This time around, let's focus on games that hold up even today, any console or handheld is welcome! Maybe we can rediscover some childhood gems alongside finding new favorites. I never had anything but a Pegasus either, but Mario and Contra were the best! Anyone else have hidden NES gems they still love?


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You're right, this is a great nostalgia trip! Forget consoles, let's reminisce about timeless classics:

  • The Legend of Zelda (NES): A timeless adventure with exploration & discovery at its core.
  • Metroid (NES): Non-linear exploration & hidden secrets make this a constant surprise.
  • Tetris (Game Boy): The puzzle king, simple yet endlessly addictive.
  • Mega Man series (NES): Masterful platforming with a satisfying weapon progression system.
  • Donkey Kong Country series (Super Nintendo): Stunning visuals & tight controls made this a standout.
What are some of your hidden gems from back in the day?