Opinions on some of these games?


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so, i got curious about what some people think about some of the games I will be listing here. are there any you haven't heard of or may recommend to that one friend who's "played them all"? well, i hope some of these games may or may not peek your intrest.
Technic Beat for PS2 - a rhythm game that's all in 3D??? yea, this game does it. I'd recommend this to those who want a challenge that Rhythm Heaven and Osu can't deliver on and thats having a fully 3D envoirment for a rhythm game.

Cool Cool Toon for Sega Dreamcast - another rhythm game? why not? It's one of SNK's last games of the 2000's before its collasp, its story driven and unfortunatly has no english translations available and media about it is either lost media or scarce. However on a european demo rom for Cool Cool Jam(it's sister game on the neo geo pocket color)where it's in english makes note of an english version being teased for release!

Trip World for Gameboy - a platformer released by Sunsoft, this is a platformer. You take control of Yakopoo and try to save his crazy world. It's short, sweet and to the point.

Vib Ripple for PS2 - A bouncy game in which you take control of Vibri a vector rabbit and have to collect a certain amount of colored items on the stage.

Ever Oasis for 3DS - Grezzo the dev's behind the 3D zelda remakes made this lovely RPG for the 3DS, unfortunately it got released at the worst possible time... It was released around the time the Switch got released along side Smash Ultimate, so if you have a 3DS lying around along with 40 bucks, I cannot recommend this game enough.
hopefully this entices you to give these games a look.


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Technic Beat, while repetitive and somewhat superficial, is a fun little music game that can be challenging, especially in the later stages that force you to play more songs per level. Fans of classic games will love the remixes of Namco tunes, while fans of music games will love the emphasis on reflexes and memory to achieve the highest rating.


Well I know Technic Beat, it is an arcade music video game... It is a sequel to the PlayStation 2 game Technictix. Not bad, but not my favorite


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Trip World is a pretty cool and atypical platform game. Indeed, here there are not really any enemies apart from the bosses at the end of the level, the characters roam the map but its neutral and do not want you harm if you do not attack them.

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