Not asking for a Rom but I am curious


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Has anyone actually seen a working version of MARVEL Superheroes vs Street fighter for Saturn? Every site I've checked have had faulty files, the file was no longer (if ever ) avilable, or, the Rom has never been there.

The Thing about MSH V SF and X-Men vs Street fighter were they were games that required (?) That special cartridge to run them (or make them run better) and I'm not sure if I need a Rom of that Cartridge to run the games. I guess I'm unsure of what I'm asking besides is a working Rom known to be in existence. I just don't want to keep looking g if it's in vain.

If this is in the wrong area, I'm sorry.


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i'd recommend checking the wayback machine on Emuparadise or r/roms and asking those people, if nothing turns up then try to check if all else fails, go to a rom site and ask.


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I have a pretty good collection of most games and for Saturn (USA ONLY) I only see "Marvel Super Heroes"