Emulator Problem: None of the emulators work for me!


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Except yabause 0.9.10 but extremely laggy and crashes whenever I click the input tab in the settings.
I've tried,
Cassini <- Same as girigiri problem
SFF (v.10, v.11, v.12)
Girigiri <- Stuck with "Sega LIcensing logo"

Saturnin <--- Music player, but no music.
Satourne <--- plays music
Yabause <--- Runs the game, laggy, no controls. crashes upon clicking input tab

And yes with all the general questions:

BIO = YES , I tried putting it in the same directory, tried different bios,
Setting BIO to Area code = Yes, for everyone
" to country = Yes
Setting The controls = Yes, except for yabause
System requirements? = P4 , 3.2GHZ , 2GB Ram
Directx9.0 = Most updated

what other question is there?
Rom corrupted? = NO, it works with yabause,
Rom Format = Bin/Cue, I fixed the cue file and it works at mounting
CD IMAGING? = Daemon, successfully mounted

Spent 2 days 48 hrs on figuring this out. I really want to play Saturn Bomberman again because it brings alot of memories back.
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Ok my quick thoughts on the matter. One, Saturn emulation ( as you have found out ) is hit and miss and rather hard to make work. Two, you certainly do your research. So its evident that you actually read, where most dont. To be honest this is about the best prescription we can give you ( that is to research ). Three, all saturn emulators are Chinese and very hard to follow. This sort of limits the window for saturn emulation and you dont see many people around here using them.

That said, and my advice, is to pick one and state the exact problem you have with it. The phrase "saturn emulator" alone scares people off ;) So to make it more inviting. You unfortunately need to dumb it down a bit. In most other cases this type of info would help, saturn is just an odd ball. Now to be straight forward about it, you proly wont find your answers here. In the off chance a saturn freak comes by, I'm sure they will comment.

Myself, I find I can work with any emulator. Saturn to me ( and yes I have made some saturn emulators work ) was just too slow and incomplete, thus not worth the effort. I found grigri to be the easiest ( its technically illegal to get ) to work with. Sorry I could not be of more help.
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Yes you are correct. I want the saturn version. Looking at the offerer, he's banned, probably for spamming.