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Q: I got the rom image has crashed, what did I do wrong?

A: Nothing is wrong with you. No$GBA works only with encrypted roms, because the nds roms has already been decrypted. There are two tools to your chosen. One is called eNDryptS Advanced which can be found at: or another one is called NDSTOOL and you can use dslazy gui with NDSTOOL for windows user and can be found at: The either way will changed your nds roms to encrypted without a problem.

Q: I need the DS Firmware and Bioses, where do I find it?

A: The NDS have 3 files, BIOSNDS7.ROM, BIOSNDS9.ROM (that's nds bios) and Firmware.bin. I am sorry but the rules in here forbid us from asking and telling about Bioses. The google is your friend, of course.

Q: My game, above ROM 500, gives me a black screen, why?

A: Easy, without firmware.bin, you are stuck. There are nothing you can do about it so that's why you must have firmware.bin to use them.

Please make this thread sticky. It will be very helpful for n00bs. ;):bow:
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