Nintendo DS/3DS R4 Flashcart SNES & PS1


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Supposedly anything less than the Supercard DSTwo/DSTwo+ can emulate the SNES well and no emulator can work for the PS1 for any flashcart, but I may have found a side-step, but need some help due to my lack of ability to experiment since only computer I have access to is the local library and they don't allow certain activities,
There are some 80386 emulators for the R4 that work decently, Ubuntu 12 or less is not a resource hog and may help to offset any lag. there are very good SNES & PS1 emulators for Linux OS's, so what if you turn your DS/3DS into a computer then run the emulators from the OS's directly ???
If anyone can help me this would be a greatly beneficial experiment, even if it does not work perfectly, it could bring up some possibilities for programmers to experiment with.