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Well I need ten posts, and I've got nothing better to do...

Just call me jpmcruiser, or something, I don't care. I'm not skilled with pc, or emulation, but I recently discovered that my crappy computer is somehow good enough for psx emulation, so I'm working with that now. Just wish I had a larger monitor so that the resolution could be better. Then again, some games don't like the large resolution...

Also do hoebrew stuff, or at least try to. I'm (sort of) in the process of putting backup launchers on my wii. And I play nes, snes, and gba games on there, as well (through emulation, of course.

So, yeah. There.

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Hey there, welcome to emuzone, don't know why you need 10 posts, but I hope you get what you need in this forum. :)


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Hey there, welcome to emuzone, don't know why you need 10 posts, but I hope you get what you need in this forum. :)

Thanks. I need ten posts because this message is telling me that since I'm a new user my abiities are restricted. It says this:

Welcome to The Emulator Zone Forum
Unfortunately due to an increasing amount of spam we had to restrict the abilities of new forum users. For example, new users can not yet have a signature and any post made by new forum users that has a URL (link) in it (even for images) will be put in the moderation queue and may not be visible until a moderator approves it manually.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we hope you can understand our reasons for doing this. You will be automatically promoted to the normal user group (without restrictions) after you have made 10 useful posts on the forum.

So, yeah.


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I just need to ask a question about psx emulation. I wanted to use a USB PS3 controller with epsxe, and I've got some questions about it, and I wanted to post a link to a controller that I want to buy. I can't do that yet, but I hope that I can soon.


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Welcome welcome welcome! I don't know much about computers and emulation either, so we're in the same boat. There's lots of more knowledgeable people than me to ask for help on this site, so don't be shy about asking questions.


Hi Friends I'm new on this forum and don't know how to play games on different emulators before i use only mame32 emulator and today i join this forum for learning about how to play games on windows xp i have a computer with 2.6 G processor with 1Gb ram & also a lap top with 1.7 G processor and 1Gb ram can u tell me how can i use emulators on my systems with lot of thanks.