New and improved computer.


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This may sound a bit strange, but bear with me.

I've decided to buy a new computer. My current computer's specs is 1.00 GB of Memory (RAM), a 32-bit operating system, and an Intel Core Duo CPU T2450 @2.00GHz. I have a SSF and NullDC, but I have no small difficulty in running these emulators, and games such as Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 and Panzer Dragoon Saga frequently lag, or simply don't function at all.

With a new opportunity on the horizon, I ask the people at this board, what are some features I should look for in order to get a computer with the best feature for emulators of modern consoles. Any advice on what to look for?


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A fast Core2Duo or Quad, 4Gb+ of decent RAM, 64 bit windows and the best Graphics card you can afford.

TBH for SSF and NullDC your current PC would probably be OK with another 2Gb of Ram to play with, seems likely its the lack of memory that's letting it down.