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Emulator Release: Nestopia UE released


Rookie Developer >_> <_<
Nestopia is a portable NES/Famicom emulator written in C++.

Nestopia UE (Undead Edition) is a fork of the original source code, with
enhancements from members of the emulation community. This includes
support for new platforms, and bug fixes in the emulator core.


Unix Shell:

- Input config bugfixes
- Only go fullscreen when the game is actually playing

Unix Shell:

- Mask Overscan option
- Disable GUI option
- Command line interface
- Scale Factor and Filters can be changed while playing
- Zapper support
- Palette and Picture options
- Ability to turn Vsync on/off
- Alternate emulation speed
- libao audio output (handles ALSA, OSS, Pulse, etc)
- More volume controls
- Turbo Buttons A and B

- Ported to SDL 2.0
- Completely rewrote config file handling
- Completely rewrote input config and input handling
- Completely rewrote cheats
- Removed ALSA and OSS audio output

Windows Shell:

- xBR dialog now updates video output when options change


- Ability to load NstDatabase.xml (needed for some games)
- Overscan masking (themaister)
- Palette options
- Zapper support

- Region detection based on NstDatabase.xml


- Game Genie sound distortion option
- Mapper 210 (NAMCOT-175, NAMCOT-340)

- Hard Drivin' now playable (dragon2snow)
- Kaettekita Mario Bros. fix (dragon2snow)
- Fix for rewinder sound issue (steelywing)
- Typos and syntax error fixes (lioncash)
- Fix for Mickey's Safari in Letterland (joepogo, james)