NeoRageX Problem

El Nombre

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When I open neoragex there is a picture in the background but I get fuzzy rectangular blocks where it looks like text should be.

Do I need some sort of text file or something? Any help would be appreciated.

I'm using NeoRageX 0.8c and WinXp.


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The best you might do imho it's forget about NeoRageX. It's an old, discontinued emulator (since 2000) and the version you're using it's an unnoficial hack so problems are expected. Furthermore, those hacks caused the Rage team left the scene.

I'd rather use an updated emulator like Kawaks, Nebula or Mame32 (or any Mame GUI derivate). Easy to use, very cool and fast emus, you won't regret, believe me :)
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