Need some help with PEC


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Hi, I'm not new to emulation and I have gotten PEC to work with epsxe just fine. Normally I just put the gpupec.dll and other stuff in my plugins folder and it works, but with any other emulator the PEC plugin doesn't show up when I try to select my graphics plugin.

I would just use epsxe but I can't get it to run digimon world. Adripsx runs it the best so far, but I needs my cheats :msn_shy:

I am using windows vista 32, Intel E6700 C2Duo, 8800 GTS, 2 gig ram

Any help you guys can give me would be great!


Pinoy Ako!
should work with psxeven and epsxe .5/.60

theoretically, it should load with any emulator that supports psemu plugins :)

get PSXeven HERE
make sure that you have the updated plugins too :)