Computer Problem: Need help for first building.


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Hello, first of all thanks for your content is really amazing !

I would like to make a machine dedicated to emulation (mainly Dolphin) but!

It has to be a desktop, basically I need a desktop interface with an Emulator all in one application, for example retroarch.

And next to where I can put my Netflix Youtube shortcuts, Network folder etc.

I start in emulation and I am lost... I intend to buy an old PC for this as in the video below.

Suddenly I would like to have your knowledge of the OS or ideal setup style (for example) Windows 10 or Ubuntu + retroarch or other it does not matter.

Thanks in advance and sorry if my questions are stupid I am a little lost.


There is two solution for install os whithout cd or dvd.

Bootable pendrive or bootable SD card.

Here what i find:

Setup does not matter RetroArch can run on everything.

Im dont know which desktop use so its your choice.

Linux needs less power than windows.

Im recomend also distributions based on Ubuntu.
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