Emulator Problem: Need a Genesis Emulator with slow down and speed up emulation (like 25%-800%)


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I wanted to find Sega Genesis emulator with slow down and speed up (like 25%-800%) emulation for Windows, but Fusion and Gens only comes with fast forward. Any emulators?:bow:


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This was long time ago, but I'm still interested in the answer...

I've tried Regen, Kega Fusion, Gens, FB Alpha, higan, Mednafen and RetroArch emulators and I didn't find any option or hotkey to speed up the framerate.

With Regen I can slow down the speed, but just that.

It's interesting to see that NES, SNES and Game Boy emulators do have that option to increase FPS in a different alternatives like +10%, +20%, +30%...

But maybe Genesis /Mega Drive has some problem and that's why any emulator has the option...