My new game for NES. Project Commando :D


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Hello everyone. My name is Matthew and i would like to present my new game for NES called Project Commando. Its Commando style shooter. The task is simple to collect 100points
. Game was programmed in C language using cc65 compilator and informations from net. I start programming when i was kid and my first bigger project I complete in 1998 it was also Project Commando but it was written in Quick Basic for dos. It was completly different game but with the same sprites
and a little different story then the main objective was to destroy Nuclear Weapon
. I always want to make game for NES because i play a lot of NES games when I was younger. And now I complete my new version of Project Commando for NES so I am very happy that i can place it here for everyone that want to play it for free

Game works best with Mesen emulator set in PAL mode.
I am sending screens and link to the game



@Commandos Will you add music to the game ?

You can use tracker to compose it.

Lmms has plugin called nescaline or something like that to compose 8 bit music.



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Well there where plans that maybe Jake Kaufman virt make music for this game but he is busy right now :D so actually there is no music :D maybe in next part of game :D somwhere in future but not now because I have other project :D