Metal Slug Guide (Kawaks)

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Guide to (most) things Metal Slug Emulation
by Dyslogistic

First and foremost!
This guide is intended to help users get Metal Slug games working on the Kawaks CPS-1/CPS-2/Neo-Geo emulator for the PC. I cannot guaranty that this will work for everyone, but it should at least get you facing in the right direction.

Getting started
Firstly you will need to download the latest Kawaks version from CPS-2 Shock.
Noted that this is for Win32 systems ONLY.

The next step is to download the Neo-Geo BIOS for the Metal Slug games to work on Kawaks. I cannot tell you where to get this from but here is the MAWS Information on the BIOS so you will know if you have the right version.

Neo-Geo BIOS (

The CRC does not always match, only file-size matters the most and if they match then you shouldn't have a problem. Other dumps of the BIOS are known to work but I've found for compatibility this dump works the best.
Fun part!
After you've successfully found the Neo-Geo BIOS it's time to hunt for the Metal Slug ROMS. It shouldn't be to hard to find and I will list the only information you should need to get them.

Starting with Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001. I suggest once you have it, be sure that the Neo-Geo BIOS & Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001 are in the correct Kawaks folder, being, roms/neo geo/ and test to see if the game shows in the Kawaks list and if it plays with out graphical errors.

Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001 (

(12,857 KB Compressed Zip)

If all has gone well for you, below is the continuation of information for finding decent dumps of the ROMS for use in Kawaks, if you already have all the ROMS working skip to the <step> step.

Metal Slug 2: Super Vehicle-001/II (

(17,323 KB Compressed Zip)

Metal Slug 3 (

(78,572 KB Compressed Zip)

Metal Slug 4 (

(61,910 KB Compressed Zip)

Metal Slug 5 requires two ROMS to work, this may just be the version I have so don't be shy and try any single Metal Slug 5 ROMS you find. To run Metal Slug 5 in Kawaks you must select mslug5nd.

Metal Slug 5 (

(79,171 KB Compressed Zip)

Metal Slug 5 (

(13,848 KB Compressed Zip)

Additional Information
//Well that's all I have time to post in here today, tomorrow I'll add the cheat codes and information on the DIP Switches and what not.

//If you encounter any errors or a ROM doesn't work it's more then likely your version is wrong.

//Metal Slug 5ND I think is a decrypted version of the first few .bins, note it still requires the other ROM to work as it is parented to it. If you like you can also re-name the files in the Metal Slug 5ND ZIP files to that of the originals for more structure on your collection.

//If you ARE familiar with Kawaks and want to turn the Blood back on, Press F11 and select the Soft Dip Switch for the right settings.

//Multi-play works on all of these ROMS, tested.



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Hello i'm new here - But i have a question on 'Kawak' Metal Slug with this

Everything works fine and i figured out where to go and what to do, however, I can only seem to play as 2 player and that i don't want - It says press F1 but when i do nothin happens :S

There isn't anything else thats plugged in just the mouse and keyboard and its not letting me play 1 player

Someone Help


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When you run the game from Kawaks up left you can have options >>File,Video,Sound,Misc,Game,Tools,?<< Go to Game then push Redifine Keys.. then Redifine Keys Player 1 then if you like to play and have a controller can put the controllers buttons or from keyboard...
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