Metal Slug 5 (Kawaks)


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I've searched around Google for my problem but I'm not sure anyone has the same issue.

I've got the right version of Metal Slug 5. Anyway, every version up to 4 works fine on Kawaks, multi-player as well. But, when I initialize Metal Slug 5 it loads all the files and starts to 'Decrypt GFX Data' then crashes with no error.

The latest release shows it has support for it now, or am I wrong?

*Note I did an Audit check on the ROM and it seems to be fine.


So I got it to work now, guess the learning streak finally caught up with me, so decided I'd try a parent decrypted C version next to the original and now it runs smooth as silk.

All Metal Slugs working fine on Kawaks!
If anyone needs help getting them to work feel free to post here, no requests for links, all I can give you are the CRC's & File Sizes.
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Why not use MAME. Kawaks never gets updated like MAME :)


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Why not use MAME. Kawaks never gets updated like MAME :)

Correction: The last year was already update and it will update again this year but very slow. :)