Emulator Problem: MegaN64 and Poject 64, Can t use the same file


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I ve been trying to use the same save that I used on the MegaN64 emulator wich is for android, but I want to keep playing Ocarina of time on PC, using Project 64, but I don t know how, I have already tried everything that I could think, I would be really glad if someone could help me with this, I just can t use the MegaN64 saves on Project 64.


Controller Man
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save states normally don't transfer but save game data can. Unfortunately the data can be packaged differently. You would need to save in the new emulator and do a file compare so see where the actual data is. It may require advanced understanding of data (namely hex). pj64 to 1964 is quite easy I don't think MegaN64 will be so similar.