MAME problem


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Arcade Emu's hate me!!! :(

Just a few minutes ago i discovered that I only had MAME32 0.94 (I like keeping up to date).
So I went and downloaded MAME32 0.95, and I put all my roms into the new rom folder ..
I ran an audit on all games and they passed, but now when i try to play them nothing happens.
It says everything is perfect, but they wont even start up ... wtf? :huh:


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Looks Mame32.095 have some weird input problems. Try deleting everything in the ctrlr sub folder, then unzip again. I heard someone people fixed the problem like this. If doesn't even work, I suggest trying Mame32fx 0.95, haven't seen that problem with this emu. ;)

It has something to do with the new option "Screen" option on the "Display" tab. Just this run from cmd or in a batch file (the game doesn't matter):

mame32 pacmania 1> out.txt 2> out_error.txt

out.txt said:
Unable to start video emulation

out_error.txt said:
Screen \\.\DISPLAY1 not found

MamePlus doesn't have that option, so it works as usual. I wonder if it's a display driver or registry problem


O.G. (Original Gamer)
Well, i tried all of that and the problem is still the same ..
I also tried using MAMEPlus and the same thing happens ..
When i just downloaded the MAME32 0.95 command line and downloaded a separate frontend it worked.
But then the games took about 5 mins to load, which they shouldnt.

Also i dont get what you said here \/\/ ..

hagbard said:
It has something to do with the new option "Screen" option on the "Display" tab.
I looked on the display tab but didnt see any new option, so maybe this isnt the problem for me ...
I think its prolly better if i just go back to 0.94 lol .... :happy:


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That Screen option appears on Mame32 0.95u5, the latest version. I said Mame32fx btw.. I think you better stick with 0.94 until the problem it's solved.

You might almost fix the problem on 0.95u5 like this: Start from scratch Mame32, a new clean install (unzip) I mean, then configure the default options as you prefer. Quit Mame32 and go to the "ini" sub folder, open the mame32.ini & look for the "screen" line. Delete anything on the right (//./display1 ). Now you can start Mame32 and play the games as usual, but whenver you open the Options or Default Game Options Window, it won't work because "screen" line will be set as default. A quick fix it's set your mame32.ini as "read only" file.


O.G. (Original Gamer)
I couldnt find any screen line with 'display1' in it ..
Heres what my .ini looks like:

### global-only options ###
rompath roms
samplepath samples
inipath ini
cfg_directory cfg
nvram_directory nvram
memcard_directory memcard
input_directory inp
hiscore_directory hi
state_directory sta
artwork_directory artwork
snapshot_directory snap
diff_directory diff
cheat_file cheat.dat
history_file history.dat
mameinfo_file mameinfo.dat
ctrlr_directory ctrlr
### default game options ###
autoframeskip 0
frameskip 0
waitvsync 0
triplebuffer 0
window 1
ddraw 1
hwstretch 1
resolution auto
refresh 0
scanlines 0
switchres 1
switchbpp 1
maximize 1
keepaspect 1
matchrefresh 0
syncrefresh 0
throttle 1
full_screen_brightness 1.
frames_to_run 0
effect none
screen_aspect 4:3
cleanstretch auto
zoom 2
d3d 0
d3dtexmanage 1
d3dfilter 1
d3deffect auto
d3dprescale auto
d3deffectrotate 1
d3dscan 100
d3dfeedback 100
mouse 0
joystick 0
a2d 0.3
steadykey 0
lightgun 0
dual_lightgun 0
offscreen_reload 0
brightness 1.
pause_brightness 0.65
norotate 0
ror 0
rol 0
autoror 0
autorol 0
flipx 0
flipy 0
debug_resolution auto
gamma 1.
antialias 1
translucency 1
beam 1.
flicker 0.
intensity 1.5
samplerate 44100
samples 1
resamplefilter 1
sound 1
volume 0
audio_latency 1
artwork 1
backdrop 1
overlay 1
bezel 1
artwork_crop 0
artres 0
cheat 0
debug 0
log 0
sleep 0
rdtsc 1
leds 0
led_mode ps/2
high_priority 0
skip_disclaimer 1
skip_gameinfo 0
skip_validitychecks 1
crconly 0
bios 0


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The line should begin with "screen"
Probably it's Mame32 0.95u5 only, it should be fixed on next versions


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Argh nevermind, I got everything working ok - using the MAME command line with EmuLoader Frontend.
Still thanks for the help. :D