little help here with project 64 please?


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i was palyin an f-zero x when all of a sudden i got an error saying the following:Unhandled R43000i OpCode at: 80124000
Unkown 7C 7C 07 22.

does anyone know wat this means? :(


Take a screen shot of the error then post it here, it will make it easier to help you.


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u dont need a screen shot of that, when u run a fast pace game on project64 it drains the shit on ur comp.......when u got pj64 runnin, check to see wot ur ram
is of two things happened to:
-u ran out of ram, cause 64 emu's r beefy as hell
-or u have a gliche in the pj64 program

i suggest that u use a better more stable 64 emu, like 1964 or NEmu, they tend to work better then pj64!!