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I managed to get SVCchoas to work on Kawaks (1.46) with a loader awhile back. More recently by editing the loader asr I managed to get KOF2k3 working too, however with some problems. For example, some graphics appear where they shouldn’t and some don't appear when they should... The CPU opponent won't attack me either. All of the c roms (1-8) roms are perfect, so I'm thinking it's the fact that I'm missing the p2. How necessary is the p2 rom? NeoRage can run the game with the p1 alone. Can KOF2k3 run ok on any version of Kawaks without p2...?

You people are great, thx much.


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The problems are probably because these ROMs are probably more or less hacked/bootleged. It's hard to say wether or not it's the P2 ROM necessary, it depends mostly if the P1 got the necessary program data, if the original dump only has one P ROM or if it's possible to split it. Also IIRC at least two versions of kof2003 were oficially released, the "standard" on MVS board and other PCB.

Acording the latest Logiqx NeoGeo dat.
	name kof2003
	description [b]"The King of Fighters 2003 (PCB, decrypted C, non-MAME)"[/b]
	year 2003
	manufacturer "SNK Playmore"
	rom ( name 271-p1.bin size 4194304 crc b9da070c sha1 1a26325af142a4dd221c336061761468598c4634 )
	rom ( name 271-p2.bin size 4194304 crc da3118c4 sha1 582e4f44f03276adecb7b2848d3b96bf6da57f1e )
	rom ( name 271-p3.bin size 1048576 crc 5cefd0d2 sha1 cddc3164629fed4b6f715e12b109ad35d1009355 )
	rom ( name 271-p3d.bin size 1048576 crc 59d376da sha1 3c3ad0b79e8b37e838893a8f7b87e11d7eeee8f2 )
	rom ( name 271-bios.bin size 262144 crc c521b5bc sha1 c9a5db63523191dedd1b39baab8772f64f09b77f )
	rom ( name 271-m1d.bin size 524288 crc 0e86af8f sha1 769102b67bb1a699cfa5674d66cdb46ae633cb65 )
	rom ( name 271-v1.bin size 16777216 crc 1d96154b sha1 1d4e262b0d30cee79a4edc83bb9706023c736668 )
	rom ( name 271-c1d.bin size 16777216 crc c29acd28 sha1 8a10409c5a9ad95fa9b56e94c14f1b96101fb179 )
	rom ( name 271-c2d.bin size 16777216 crc 328e80b1 sha1 c7f8069488be1a88a2ea03718b6a131f5c96bd3f )
	rom ( name 271-c3d.bin size 16777216 crc 020a11f1 sha1 85cfae76234f72b0039ebc02f931bb2a9c10b1af )
	rom ( name 271-c4d.bin size 16777216 crc 991b5ed2 sha1 99c4c470bc9cb388773e27de6df4a16803fc7b45 )
	rom ( name 271-c5d.bin size 16777216 crc c2de8b66 sha1 40c2ea48fc20d470163a9dbb40c0276fc4cfceb9 )
	rom ( name 271-c6d.bin size 16777216 crc 3ff750db sha1 714f14a2eb2df6f25d10a6b6aff4b3adfbc7a5dc )

	name kof2003a
	description [b]"The King of Fighters 2003 (MVS, non-MAME)"[/b]
	year 2003
	manufacturer "SNK Playmore"
	cloneof kof2003
	romof kof2003
	rom ( name 271-p1c.bin size 4194304 crc 530ecc14 )
	rom ( name 271-p2c.bin size 4194304 crc fd568da9 )
	rom ( name 271-p3c.bin size 1048576 crc aec5b4a9 )
	rom ( name 271-m1.bin size 524288 flags nodump )
	rom ( name 271-v1c.bin size 8388608 crc ffa3f8c7 sha1 7cf4a933973ca23b7f87c81151d8659e6ec4bd20 )
	rom ( name 271-v2c.bin size 8388608 crc 5382c7d1 sha1 1bf999705eda80ba1e7b0d6bdd010d9bfb18bd76 )
	rom ( name 271-c1c.bin size 8388608 crc b1dc25d0 sha1 50adc3c60d5b4b3abd10a49db2267306c6dbd772 )
	rom ( name 271-c2c.bin size 8388608 crc d5362437 sha1 66db36522dc09106388c707252df9fe1c88b4856 )
	rom ( name 271-c3c.bin size 8388608 crc 0a1fbeab sha1 9fe30d36ba98d00fda010832ff2f27783dd577c1 )
	rom ( name 271-c4c.bin size 8388608 crc 87b19a0c sha1 b72a8e7d9124ce859b5149bb4381ba481c161ea5 )
	rom ( name 271-c5c.bin size 8388608 crc 704ea371 sha1 e75b80422f0d72eac826f8ffadf79efeccaab124 )
	rom ( name 271-c6c.bin size 8388608 crc 20a1164c sha1 c9843b37612a16fc95f6851793b1cfb5d49d811d )
	rom ( name 271-c7c.bin size 8388608 crc 189aba7f sha1 7152195a57ad36b28290810fe87ed8c206262ba9 )
	rom ( name 271-c8c.bin size 8388608 crc 20ec4fdc sha1 deb5f7ec5a090e419b9d1a6a74877bee081198e2 )

Chances are this year MAME add the lastest NeoGeo MVS dumps from 2003, such as kof2003, mslug5, samsho5, etc so perhaps this point will be cleared soon. Let's hope so.

Btw, there's a version of Kawaks ( 1.48dev ) out there that runs directly Kof2003. It has been told a few times some months ago. Some Nebula loaders, and unnofficial Mame versions (Nemo32Plus!, etc - thanks, alco ;) ) will do the job too.
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thx, I'll try that... Also,
What do add.dat's do exactly and can you use them with non-hacked versions of Kawaks?


You cannot use'em with unhacked versions of Kawaks or Nebula AFAIK.
The .dat's allow your emu to recognize the game as playable in a list.


cloud4004 said:
Would an add work with kawaks 1.48dev though?
Don't know.Why don't you use kawaks 1.46 or Nebula 2.24?Those are the ones I use and work fine with all "problematic" games.


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cloud4004 said:
Would an add work with kawaks 1.48dev though?
No, but it's not needed IMHO :p
pbdyzayn said:
You cannot use'em with unhacked versions of Kawaks or Nebula AFAIK.
The .dat's allow your emu to recognize the game as playable in a list.
Yes, but Kawaks and Nebula haven't been hacked, not even 1.58 dev which it's a leaked version. The loaders are what make those emus act "like" hacks ;)
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Mame 0.103u2 it's out, and as I thought the 2003 NeoGeo games have been added thanks to the great work of the guys at http://neosource.1emulation.com/forums/. You rock ;)

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
midres056gre [Bryan McPhail]
ddragon077u3red [Bryan McPhail]
airbustr37b9gre [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
turbofrc0103gre [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
turbofrc37b1gre [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

Source Changes

Fixed sound bug in Phoenix sound effect #2 [Hans Andersson]

NeoGeo updates [http://neosource.1emulation.com/forums/]
* Fatal Fury 2 - Emulated Protection
* King of Fighters 10th Anniversary - Added code to update SRAM tiles on the fly
* CCTHD2k3 - Fixed GFX / Colours
* Added code to support remaining NeoGeo sets

Fixed Mat Mania dipswitches [Roberto Fresca]

Fixed some Leap Year calculates [William Krick, smf]

Sync Refresh / Waitvsync / Triplebuffer changes [Alan Kamrowski II]

* It changes the waitvsync code to wait for the beginning of the vertical
blank. The previous code simply checked if it was in the vblank and only
waited if it wasn't. This caused 2 problems. The first is that when using
syncrefresh, if there was enough time, more than one frame can be rendered
during a single vblank. This is why syncrefresh would have odd behavior
such as the game speeding up or slowing during during less cpu intensive
sequences. The second problem is that the retrace line could sometimes be
seen because while the code checked to see if it was in the vblank, it did
not check where in the vblank it was so it might be at the end of the vblank
and by time the frame is rendered the monitor could be out of the vblank.

* It removes the waitvsync only if game speed is above 95% restriction.
This restriction would only cause waitvsync to vacillate between on and off
depending on game speed. If someone enables waitvsync and it is too slow,
then it is.

* When syncrefresh and triplebuffer are used, MAME would run the waitvsync
code anyway. The triplebuffer code takes care of this and having MAME wait
for the retrace in the waitvsync code anyway is a waste of time and causes
timing issues on some hardware. If triplebuffering is enabled, then there
is no need to run the waitvsync code because triplebuffer already does.

Fixed typo in monzagp.c [Brad Oliver]

Documentation cleanups in ddenlovr.c [Brian Troha]

SS Mission and Air Attack dipswitch fixes [Brian Troha]

Improvements to the Data East 156 (ARM) based games [Various]
* Added Sound to Night Slashers [Tomasz Slanina]
* Added Sound to World Cup Volleyball '95 and BackFire! [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
* Fixed sprite flipping in the Data East MLC driver, this fixes the
graphics in Avengers in Galactic Storm [Tomasz Slanina]
* Modified ARM CPU core to allow World Cup Volleyball '95 to
start [Tomasz Slanina]
* Added BCD opcodes to 156 / ARM co-processor, needed by the above [David Haywood]
* Fixed Sound in Data East MLC games [David Haywood]
* Split BackFire! into a separate driver and improved the graphics, and
added dual screen support [David Haywood]
* Corrected sound decoding in BackFire! [David Haywood]
* Cleanups to the ARM core [Bryan McPhail]

Fixed fileio.c buffer overrun [Lawrence Gold]

i486 CPU patch [Nathan Woods]
- Implemented the XADD, INVLPG and CMPXCHG instructions
- Made the opcode table const correct

H6280 updates [Rob Bohms]
- Added T-flag emulation
- Fixed read calls

Debugger Improvements [Nathan Woods]
- Added a 'gtime' command; like the "go" command, but breaks after a specified delay

Corrected Frequencies in WWF Superstars [Phil Bennett]

Added sample banking to spec2k [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

Various improvements in Airbuster driver [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

Updated Namco NA-1 to use the real bios [R.Belmont, Charles MacDonald]

M37710 fixes [R.Belmont]
* Added another addressing mode for SBCB
* Fixed MPY to clear the carry flag

Fixed some Endian issues in the Namco drivers [R.Belmont]

Merged Lovely Cards / Lovely Poker drivers [El Condor]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
World Cup Volley '95 [Bryan McPhail, David Haywood]
Hoops '96 / Hoops / Dunk Dream '95 [Bryan McPhail]
Quintoon [ReAnimator / AGEMame]
Pokio [ReAnimator / AGEMame]
Slots [ReAnimator / AGEMame]
Paradice [ReAnimator / AGEMame]
Pyramid [ReAnimator / AGEMame]
Golden Crown [ReAnimator / AGEMame]
Rock'n Tread 1 (bootleg) [Justin Lee Turner]
Rock'n Tread 2 (bootleg) [Justin Lee Turner]
Rock'n Tread 3 (bootleg) [Justin Lee Turner]
Rock'n Tread 4 (bootleg) [Justin Lee Turner]
Twin Action [Luca Elia, David Haywood]
Arm Champs II [Luca Elia, The Guru]
Mahjong The Mysterious World [Luca Elia]
Air Attack [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
SVC Chaos [http://neosource.1emulation.com/forums/]
King of Fighter 2003 [http://neosource.1emulation.com/forums/]
Samurai Shodown 5 [http://neosource.1emulation.com/forums/]

New clones added
Alien 3: The Gun (US) [Arzeno Fabrice]
Magic Crystals (World, newer) [Uncle Tom]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Last Fighting [R.Belmont]
The Crystal Maze [AGEMame]
Turnover [AGEMame]
Skill Trek [AGEMame]
The Mating Game [AGEMame]
But not only those games...
	/* Pochi & Nyaa */	/* 0267 (c) 2003 Aiky / Taito */
-	/* Metal Slug 5 */	/* 0268 (c) 2003 Playmore */
-	/* SVC Chaos */		/* 0269 (c) 2003 Playmore / Capcom */
-	/* S.Shodown 5*/	/* 0270 (c) 2003 Playmore */
-	/* KOF2003 */		/* 0271 (c) 2003 Playmore */
-	/* S.Shodown 5 Sp*/ /* 0272 (c) 2003 Playmore */
+	DRIVER( pnyaa )		/* 0267 (c) 2003 Aiky / Taito */
+	DRIVER( mslug5 )	/* 0268 (c) 2003 Playmore */
+	DRIVER( svcchaos )	/* 0269 (c) 2003 Playmore / Capcom */
+	DRIVER( svchaosa )	/* 0269 (c) 2003 Playmore / Capcom */
+	DRIVER( samsho5 )	/* 0270 (c) 2003 Playmore */
+	DRIVER( samsho5h )	/* 0270 (c) 2003 Playmore */
+	DRIVER( kof2003 )	/* 0271 (c) 2003 Playmore */
+	DRIVER( kof2003a )	/* 0271 (c) 2003 Playmore */
+	DRIVER( samsh5sp )	/* 0272 (c) 2003 Playmore */

Then it's pretty possible next Kawaks and Nebula versions add those games too.
I think this deserves a double post :p
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Hehe, Raz didn't look too happy about that release and Haze "let" him replace many ROMs. I don't know why he can't keep cool about CPS-2 and NeoGeo :p
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I don't why there is always such emotion about neogeo. Just because no-one knows which roms are the right ones and there's 50 different versions of each game floating around... sheesh.

I'm sure Raz wants Kawaks to be using the real ones. The only way to be sure would be for Guru or someone to redump the whole lot again.