Kega Fusion Emulator & Mayflash Dolphin Bar sensitivity


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I hope someone can offer some assistance:
When I use my Logitech Trackball mouse to emulate a Meancer Light Gun, everything operates properly. However, when I try and use my Mayflash Dolphin Bar in Keyboard Mouse Mode with my WiiMote, it too works...but the sensitivity is off the charts rendering it unusable. Is there anything I can do (via settings) to slow the tracking of the Mayflash Dolphin Bar?!
Whenever emulating a Mouse with a Mayflash Dolphin Bar in other emulators (MAME, Dolphin), both the Logitech Mouse and Mayflash Dolphin Bar operate congruently; it is only inside of the Kega Fusion emulator where the two Mouse devices respond differently.
Thanks in advance for any help.


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@three_views You can change sensitivity in windows by mouse and other pointing devices settings.

Find int that mouse and then set up it.