Joypad & Fightsticks keep shutting down/stopping Zinc & PSXMAME roms

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Hey guys,

I'm having a lot of issues lately related to PSX Arcade games. Each time I plug my RAP EX DOA5 stick for Zinc & PSXMAME it will allow the GUI with the rom list to come up but every time I boot a rom it begins to come up, black screen then exits back to the GUI. I downloaded and applied everything from the Zinc download page from this website. The only two things I haven't figured out how to apply is the JAMMA keyboard driver 1.0.2 since I couldn't find any instructions for how to use it or whether I need it. I even tried running Zinc through the front-ends such as Zenith with no success.

I would really like to play the Arcade versions of game like Street Fighter EX, Rival Schools, and DOA, and Bloody Roar 2 not the PS1 console versions. If there are any plugins, drivers, etc. that I l'm lacking please let me know. Thanks in advance!
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