Is Popularity Everything?


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Idk about yall, but most of the games i've had have been cheap or knock offs. SO, when it came time to use a free months worth of gamefly, i wanted to try somehting i might like. I order a game called "Monster Ranchers 4" (pretty much a knock off of pokemon, in which i don't play). Point was i loved the game, and i had it on PS2. found it on gameboy, and elavated. Now that i have a laptop, i wanted to play it on an emulator, NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. At first, i looked at ********, nope, and plenty of other sites claim to have it, but it doesn't work. My question is just because a game wasn't popular, should you not upload it?
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Ok a bit of a grey area here. We can not talk about where to get roms... Though why upload it? Yes, some games are hard to come by but trust me they are out there. You will need to get with a rom community. Since UG is closed now i'll mention this for an example. UG ( you can figure out the acronym ) was a site you could be a member of, and talk to rom fanatics from all over. forums, torrent, irc, ect... There were a few roms called hoarded roms. These are roms one or few people have that hoard them. Other then that most any game can be had. Many of these sites exist and the main purpose is for preservation.