in with the new or whatever.


2003? know her?
welp, finally decided to join after a lot of consideration as i mostly am pulling away from major social media sites due to stress n whatnot(desprit times man). allow me to make an intro for myself since i do want people to get to know me a bit more.
name?: noel... what? you think i'm french? hahaha..... i suck at french and its not my first language, english is. :dry:

age? its on my profile.

gender? this is a tough one, you see i'm non-binary(more specifically a demi-boy)and there really isn't an option for "other", not my problem but pronouns are they/them or he/him.

when did you first find out about this site? it found me in 2010/2011, mind you i didn't know what i was doing other than downloading DeSume which is a terrible DS emulator, just stick with twilightmenu on 3ds please.

any other information? well, i have trouble spelling things, i make terrible shitpost videos, have a cursed internet history and enjoy vintage stuff.

consoles i own: new 3ds xl, nintendo ds lite, dsi xl, gamecube, wii, snes, snes mini, gameboy color, gameboy advanced(its missing), nintendo switch, xbox 360(needs repairs)and n64.
eitherway, glad to be a member here... remember to pray to waluigi and enjoy your games. :bow: