i need to extract midis


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yo ppl, listen, i want to extract some sounds and music from my SNES roms, but i cant find a sound extractor or a ROM unpacker in the whole net, ive looked in file ext, download.com, thousands of emulation sites and nothin, i just found a snes music player, SNES AMP but i didnt find the extractor
it would be nice to have an unpacker too, so i can see the sprites and all the files in the rom
plz, if some1 knows anything, mail me or post it here
plz write in the subject "SNES help" or somethin like that, so i can know its u and not another person whos trying to bother me
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Try emus that have sound log system. I think ZSNES had the ability of loggin raw wave sound. Same applies to sprites, i.e. if an emu supports it.