I need help trading on mGBA with FireRed and LeafGreen.


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so as you saw in the title, i need help with trading on FireRed and LeafGreen using mGBA. I followed this tutorial:
by MilkNyte.
I have gotten to the point of where one window says "waiting for confirmation" or something, but the other just says "Waiting..." so if you could help that would be appreciated. I am using mGBA 0.9.3


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@CurseTail Do you have in both versions correct save type to have saved progress ?

Also the same versions of emulators?

And because you use mgba what timeout in connection do you have/set up ?
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@pix07 I am confused by your questions, but i'll try to answer the ones i can.
1. both versions have saved progress.
2.i'm using mGBA 0.9.3 as I said.
3. it never said anything about it timing out,it just stays on the same screen, firered says "awaiting linkup" leafgreen has already gooten to the part where theres a seperate box with it saying "2P LINK"


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