I Have A Problem With The N64 Emulator Ultrahle...


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Ok, I downloaded it but when I click on the icon to open it it says "a required .DLL file, GLIDE2X.DLL, was not found." How do I fix this problem? Is there anything I need to download? Thanks!!!!


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Go here.

Download one, then you should be good to go.


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Ok, I got the glide wrapper and unzipped it in the same folder as the emulator but when I click on the emulator nothing happens. There is an hourglass icon next to the mouse arrow like something is going to happen but nothing does. Anyone know any solutions?


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The directory that Ultrahle is in can't have any spaces or the program won't launch.....

C:/Ultrahle - GOOD

C:program Files/Ultrahle - BAD

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Really, UltraHLE sucks. Try Project 64 or something.