how to speed up my cpu


hi guys i want to play sonic unleashed wii on dolphin my cpu is intel core i3 3.3ghz and 4g ram

so i see that my cpu runs at 60% speed and dolphin runs at 80% so i want to speed my cpu up to 80% speed to run dolphin at full speed

can you tell me how can i controle my cpu speed

note :

i dont want my cpu speed reaches to 95% i think that this is dangerous for the cpu please help

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See that you are back, :) You've probably tried setting the task to a higher priority right? If you havent, try that. I don't know that much about multi - cpu processing, so that is as much as I can suggest.


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Hey, I have been looking in to this my self. Few things should get you "close". You will never get it perfect unfortunately, yet. Once Sandy bridge is out I think its possible.

1) use the best CPU out there, I here i7 does a nice job.
2) use a 64 bit os!
3) using hacks will maybe bump you 8-10 fps at best, these are all over the net. MM mentioned one of them above.
4) start with dolphin defaults. Not sure how to do that, just install the latest version.
5) right click on the game and read the wiki. Lots of good tips may be in there.
6) OC'ing you chip ( not recommended ) can get a 10FPS boost depending.
7) Make sure you have a decent Video card so its not the bottleneck.
8) do not running anything else, a simple file copy will slow it down.