How to Play Final Fantasy XI ISO


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I was wondering something. This game is a MMORPG that was discontinued a long time ago. And without Wifi services how can I play this ISO on my computer? Don't I need a Wifi signal to play it? Is there a code I put into the Emulator I'm playing on to make it think there's a Wifi signal and go ahead and let me play? But even if I do get into the game there wouldn't be anything I can do in the game since it requires playing with other real people. Or is there an NPC plot in the game with NPCs I can interact with?


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Final Fantasy 11 is an mmorpg and cannot be played offline. While the service did shut down on console, the PC servers are still running. If you do not wish to buy the game and subscribe, there are also unofficial private servers. You need to search on google for those private servers.

The official site so you can subscribe/buy is: