How to copy .gme save file to ps vita?


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I recently purchased Suikoden II for the Vita, which is a PSOne classic, and I got through most of the game but made an incorrect decision earlier that I can't go back to, luckily I downloaded a suikoden II .gme game save on a suikoden fan site that's at about where I am in the game but with the correct decision being made. I'd like to use this save that is currently on my pc by transferring it somehow to my ps vita. I have the content manager assistant for my pc but when I copy and pasted the game save to the vita folder on my computer my vita doesn't pick it up. Could it be that the .gme file format is incompatible with the ps vita? If so is there any way to convert it to the proper file format? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks. And sorry if this is the wrong place to post this.


hitokiri battousai
I did some googling and all I found was really complicated ways to put Vita saves (.VMP) on your system... no known way to convert .GME to .VMP on your pc (I found somethings about using a PS3 to transfer things but I'm not in the possesion of a vita to try it myself)